The Osella PA9/90 was one of the most successful cars in competitions, especially uphill, at the beginning of the 90s.

It derived directly from the PA9 but had a completely different bodywork, a 2cm longer wheelbase and the bell housing connecting the engine to the gearbox which housed the dry sump for the oil.

It is a very rare car because only 5 were built while many drivers had their PA9s updated with a kit prepared by Osella.

The car proposed is the last one built, chassis no. 151, in 1990 and was purchased new by Pietro Silva who only used it in a few races for 2 seasons.

It was subsequently sold to Roberto Chiavacci, a Venetian collector who kept it for many years in his garage without ever using it.

It was then sold to the current owner who used it in some seasons of the European Historical Mountain Championships.

The car is in excellent condition and is equipped with a BMW M12 2000 engine made by Ellegi.


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