Who we are

Our reputation is based on four principles: knowledge, experience, trust and discretion. For the most important and iconic historic, classic and racing cars, the only correspondence to our passion is that of our customers.

In addition to the joy of their mere possession and the possibility of a valid and safe investment, historic cars also offer a fundamental characteristic: the unparalleled pleasure and pure adrenaline that only their driving can give.

The purpose of Ebimotors Classic

The market for these extraordinary cars is not always easy to understand and manage for enthusiasts: mediocre or imprecise restorations, historicity that is not always crystal clear, sometimes risky auctions and extremely high costs. For these reasons we have decided to create this reality to offer our experience and expertise, accompanied by every little attention to detail, to the history of the cars we found, restored and managed.

Our showroom will have to become not only the place to find dream cars or sell those that have run out of time, but also an environment to meet, talk about history and racing, consult books and plan events.

The evolution of this particular and wonderful world has undergone many passages, brilliantly overcoming even moments of difficulty, mainly due to speculation which, in the 90s, generated evaluations far from reality. Today the situation is very stabilized, the values ​​have found a basis from which to progress with constant continuity. The proliferation of events linked to the re-edition of competitions that made the history of motoring and which today have once again become moments of indelible aggregation for enthusiasts and the public have also contributed to this reality: thus the Mille Miglia, Goodwood Revival or the Tour Auto. But also Le Mans Classic, the Historic Monte Carlo Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Daytona Classic.

The values ​​have found a basis from which to progress with constant continuity, was accompanied by an awakening of the markets, also stimulated by online formulas, but above all by the increasing consideration of the historic car as an investment and safe haven.

The Ebimotors Classic team

And here is where the Ebimotors DNA appears, which has made racing its reason for living. When Enrico Borghi, its founder, was called back in 1983, first to manage the Alfa Romeo F.1 and then the Benetton Formula 1, the idea of ​​creating a reality that would leave its mark in the world of Motorsport began to manifest itself in an everlasting and stronger way in his mind. The subsequent passage to the Porsche world with its own team and the birth, in 1998, of Ebimotors, which quickly became Porsche's reference team in Italy, were the concretization of his ideas. From race to race, from success to success, through various Carrera Cups, Italian and International Championships, up to the participation in the most famous 24 Hours in the world: Le Mans and Daytona, Ebimotors has grown to the reality it is today.

While Enrico built up his considerable experience in technique, Pietro Silva instead walked the tracks around the world as a driver. Already under 25 junior rally champion in 1976, then World, European and Italian offshore champion in 1981, subsequently protagonist in endurance races both in America and in Europe driving the fast Group C, he made his debut in historic car competitions in 1985, alternating them with modern races. A love for historians that comes from afar and that led him to study and learn about the history and results of many cars from the 60s onwards as well as to participate in all the most important events: Le Mans Classic, Goodwood Revival, Grand Prix historic Montecarlo, Targa Florio (won in 1988), Coppa d’Italia (won in 1986).

Since 2022 he has been a member of the Jury of the Vernasca Silver Flag and Coppa FLoriopoli, as well as president of the Jury at the Svolte di Popoli Classic.

Their over twenty years friendship and mutual esteem has generated Ebimotors Classic, a reality where collectors, pilots, enthusiasts can find every answer to their needs and requirements: from restoration to preparation for any type of race, from the search for a particular model in the world to study of its history and authenticity, from assistance and transport on the competition fields to the instruction and preparation of the driver himself through collaboration with professional pilots.

A dynamic team coordinated by Riccardo Borghi who, raised on bread and engines, with the creativity and curiosity that belong to him, combines the rediscovery of the past with the development of the future of an always winning reality.

Ebimotors Classic & Motorsport

Ebimotors Classic intends to proceed at 360 degrees in the world of historic Motorsport making use of decades of experience and technical knowledge gained in hundreds of races, combining the deep knowledge of the regulations and an excellent relationship with the organizers of the major events worldwide, maintaining fruitful relationships with important "coach drivers", being always present on the markets in order to find or place cars of every type and need, to give its customers everything necessary so that they can enjoy at the highest level not only their wonderful cars, but also everything in connected to them.