Consultancy for sale, purchase and negotiation.

Buying and selling a vintage car is a delicate process that requires knowledge, experience and a marked predisposition to negotiations.

If you want to get the most out of the market, trust us!

Consultancy for financial investments in classic and collector cars

Why not combine your passion for vintage cars with the desire for a solid and safe investment?

Our experience in the sector is at your disposal!

Why a vintage or collector's car is a good investment

  • A real target market guarantees your capital
  • The cost of ownership can be kept low and under control
  • Selling the vehicle does not involve the risk of loss
  • Classic and collectible cars have a higher annual return than any other form of investment
  • Owning a classic or collector's car is a pleasure in itself

Consultancy in the evaluation of single cars or entire collections

If the emotional value of a car varies from person to person, the market value is decidedly more objective.

The ability to assess the market price, whether it is a single classic car or an entire collection, is not easy to acquire: it requires extensive experience and access to the right channels.

Experience and knowledge that we put at your disposal!

Technical inspections before purchase

Evaluating the condition of a classic car requires special skills that are often not part of the baggage of any mechanic.

Check for rust, damage or previous accidents, verify the authenticity of the documentation, carry out a road test: there are many things to do before being able to guarantee a safe purchase.

If you want to face the purchase of your classic car with serenity, contact us!

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