Molinari Alfa Romeo 2.5 1966 “34”

  • Suitable for the main historical events of the sector.
  • FIM documents – Measurement certificate.
  • Important historical palmares.
  • Exceptional condition and ready to run.

The "Tre Punti" racing hulls, also called "Racers", together with the catamarans, are the maximum expression of the production of racing boats, especially in the period from the 50s to the early 90s evenif the initial project it is due to the American Tommy Hill who in 1945 presented the first Racer with a completely flat hull and only 3 support points on the water. In Italy the first hull of this type was presented by the Picchiotti shipyard, designed by Achille Castoldi who had seen the first examples in America.

Soon all the main Italian shipyards followed the American example, also helped by the presence in the 1949 national races of the American pilot Robert Bogie with his "Blitz III" and later, in 1951, by the participation in the main Italian events of a second American motorboat driver, Paul Sawyer, who made the construction drawings of his racer "Alter Ego" available to the Italian Powerboat Federation, much more advanced than the boats that had preceded him.

The hull presented was built by the famouss hipyard of Angelo Molinari, father of the multiple champion Renato, and leader in the design and construction of racing boats. It was produced in 1966 for Count Agusta, a great motor boat enthusiast, and entrusted to the pilot Fortunato Libanori who used it, with flattering results in 1966 where he finished 2nd in the European Championship and in 1967 winning in Venice and Peschiera.

In 1968 it was sold to the Lombard pilot Gian Pio Ottone who used it in the following three years and then sold it, in 1971, to Franco Migliavacca who was 2nd over all at the Pavia - Venice that year and won the 100 Miles of the Po Delta in the next year.

Purchased by the Cremonese driver Antonio Dosi, the hull was no longer used in competition but remained in his garage until 2003 when it was purchased by the collector Guido Romani, heir to a famous family of motorboating champions. The new owner commissioned a complete restoration of the boat in 2007 which was carried out by the Popoli shipyard in Colorno as regards the hull, and by the Baggioli workshop in Milan for the engine, which declared 182 HP at 7,400 rpm on the dyno.

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