Talbot Lotus Carma ‘90

After more than forty years of oblivion, we are proud to announce that the Talbot Lotus Carma, with which Facetti and Finotto were the architects of a great feat in the round of the European Touring Car Championship held at Silverstone in June 1990, is on the market.

The small Talbot Lotus of only 2200 cubic cm, prepared in the Carma workshop by Carlo Facetti and driven by the two very strong Milanese drivers, obtained an incredible fourth place, giving a considerable gap to the car entered by the Factory. At the end of the race the official Sunbeam team asked Finotto to buy the car but he refused even though he was already engaged in the world endurance championship with the Alba 03 Carma.

Finotto no longer used the car that remained confined first to the Carma headquarters and then to the Facetti workshop where it is still today.

The car is in the state it was left in 1990, complete with every detail: the engine has been fully prepared with injection and dry sump lubrication but requires a complete conservative restoration.

It represents the unrepeatable opportunity to be able to purchase a unique piece of motorsport history as well as a car that is still extremely competitive in the Peter Auto and Masters series as well as in the most important European competitions.


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