Iso-Adventure - MAUTO

The exhibition dedicated to Iso Rivolta, the car manufacturer founded by the engineer Rivolta in the early 1960s, is enjoying great success.

The production of motorcycles and cars was numerous, ranging from the small Isetta to the prestigious Fidia, Lele and Grifo with an interesting foray into the racing world, thanks to the engineer Giotto Bizzarrini who collaborated with the Lombard company at the beginning of its activity, and from whose pen the iconic Grifo A3/C was also born, which later became the unforgettable Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada. On 6 June, the birth date of the engineer from Livorno, the organizers of the exhibition wanted to dedicate the day to the memory of a character who gave so much to the automotive world and, for the occasion, they asked for the presence of the Iso Grifo A3 /C of Ebimotors Classic competition which was exhibited throughout the day in the exhibition hall.

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